Mayhaw Jelly is very hard to find. It only comes around once a year, and it is currently "IN Stock."

What is a Mayhaw?

‘May’ is when they are harvested. ‘Haw’ is short for ‘Hawthorne’ berry. Wild Mayhaws grow in the swamps of South Georgia and are gathered in boats with nets and scoops. The season is only three weeks long, so the harvesting is tough and furious. The Wild Mayhaw berries resemble a pink cranberry and make the best jelly in the world. The delicate flavor is fruity like apple (mayhaw is in the apple family) but with a ‘zing’ left on the tip of your tongue. Wild Mayhaw jelly is great with toast, bagels, and hot buttered biscuits. This jelly also makes a great condiment served with roasted chicken, turkey, wild game, and as an alternative to mint jelly when served with lamb. Basically we like it with everything!


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