Harrar Gourmet Coffee Bean


$9.95 per half pound and $18.95 per pound


"Our experts specially selected these premium beans from the east coast of Africa. Heavy-bodied, spicy and fragrant, Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a wild and exotic dry processed (natural) Arabica coffee that is grown on small farms in the Oromia region (formerly Harrar) in southern Ethiopia at elevations between 1,400 meters and 2,000 meters. The province of Harrar, is east of Addis Ababa, the country’s capitol. Harrar’s tasting notes include a fruity taste has been likened to dry, red wine. Some Harrars exhibit tones of very rich, dark chocolate. These unique and rare beans are brought together and roasted to perfection right here in Texas.

Bean origins: "Ethiopia Africa"

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