Austin Bi-fold

Austin Bi-fold

Long Bi-fold Women's Wallet hand made and stitched in Texas.

Crafted with the finest Texas leather, the Austin Bi-Fold Wallet is a stylish and sophisticated luxury handbag accessory. Featuring plenty of storage space for your cards, cash and coins, this posh wallet is the perfect companion for your favorite designer handbag.

Hand Made Folding Wallet made from the highest quality Texas leather. Stitching is guaranteed for the life the the product.

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If you would like a personal Monogram, please enter a name or short phrase in the box below. Monogram is generally located centered on the front cover. If a stencil or pattern exists on the cover, the monogram would be placed on the inside. Please call us if you wish the monogram to be placed in a special location. Monograms cannot exceed 14 characters (including blank spaces and special characters) per line. Two line maximum.

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